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Kiln Jeweler Dental Casting Burnout Oven Tool

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7 Aug 2017

Basic Jewelry Care: Increase the Life of Your Jewelry

Men and women normally give great value to their jewelry, so it only makes sense that they take great care of their jewelry items.

3 Jul 2017

Beading Designs

Beads have become part of our lives, and these are used in various things such as the jewelry that we wear, or on other decorative things in our homes such as table mats, bed covers etc.

1 Jul 2017

The Many Shapes Of Diamonds And The Difference Between Shape And Cut

If you were thinking that stones as in diamonds only came in 1 shape you were wrong. Most of all the major jewelers offer at least a few different shapes of stones. They will probably offer oval, round, pear, emerald, heart and many more.

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    949 views 49 favs
    23 Jul 2017 Posted By Juanita B.

    The Best Books For Beginning Wire Jewelers

    If you've always wanted to make jewelry but didn't know how to get started, wire jewelry making may just be an excellent option for you.

  • Blog Entry
    386 views 72 favs
    8 Jul 2017 Posted By Sherri L.

    How to Start Making Wire Jewelry

    Have you ever wanted to start making some wire jewelry but then found yourself, wire and pliers in hand, instruction book at your side, utterly confused and intimidated? Having been there myself, I determined to find a simple solution.

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