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The Best Books For Beginning Wire Jewelers

If you've always wanted to make jewelry but didn't know how to get started, wire jewelry making may just be an excellent option for you. First of all, beginning wire jewelry makers don't have a great deal of the expense that other jewelry makers do and with the right approach, learning how to make wire jewelry can be rather quick and exciting. Think of instant gratification.

  • 23 Jul 2017

How to Start Making Wire Jewelry

Have you ever wanted to start making some wire jewelry but then found yourself, wire and pliers in hand, instruction book at your side, utterly confused and intimidated? Having been there myself, I determined to find a simple solution.

When I took my first metalsmithing class, I was immediately drawn to wirework. All I could do with wire at that time was crochet.

  • 8 Jul 2017
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17 Jul 2017
Posted By Wilbert G.

Almost Everyone Wears Rings But Where Does The Tradition Come From?

The tradition of wearing rings really became popular in Europe during the Middle Ages when the rings were constructed of gold, silver, or copper which also served to show what social class the person belonged to who was wearing the ring. The more rare and precious the material, the higher in class the person wearing the ring was. By the late 1300s the practice of adding faceted gems was integrated into ring making.
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