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23 Jul 2017

The Best Books For Beginning Wire Jewelers


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Posted By Juanita B.

If you've always wanted to make jewelry but didn't know how to get started, wire jewelry making may just be an excellent option for you. First of all, beginning wire jewelry makers don't have a great deal of the expense that other jewelry makers do and with the right approach, learning how to make wire jewelry can be rather quick and exciting. Think of instant gratification. On the other hand, without knowing which direction or approach to take, wire jewelry making can be very frustrating and discouraging. There are three excellent, best books for beginning wire jewelry makers that I'd like to highly recommend.

The very first thing you need to learn about making wire jewelry is about the wire itself. You need to get a feel for the different types of wire and how to use the simple tools necessary to manipulate the wire successfully. Because of that, I'd recommend Mark Lareu's book, All Wired Up. While the book mostly addresses wire wrapping with wire and beads, Lareu's primary goal is to teach folks the right way to make simple, basic and successful wire manipulations. You'll learn the right tools and wire gauges to make loops, clasps, headpins, cages, earrings and much more. Starting with this book can provide you with an initial sense of confidence in your wire jewelry making.

The second thing a beginner needs to learn about wire jewelry making is how to shape the wire into both geometric and flowing shapes. So, the next book to read would be, Making Wire Jewelry, 60 Easy Projects in Silver, Copper and Brass by Helen Clegg and Mary Larom. This is not wire wrapping. It's a phenomenal, ingenious book with a lot of originality in the projects. Unlike many of the newer wire books out there today, Making Wire Jewelry will knock your socks off with the sophistication and elegance of the projects. It's very original. You won't believe how simple the techniques are and how quickly you'll learn to shape and bend plain wire into stunning pieces. This book is also wonderfully inspiring and should have your head spinning your own new wire jewelry ideas in no time. I can't recommend it highly enough if you're a beginning wire jeweler and really want to propel your skills quickly. It's simply one of the best books on the market.

Finally, the next book in the sequence to read is Silver Wire Jewelry, Projects To Coil, Braid and Knit, by Irene From Petersen. This is a superior book to take your beginning wire skills way past that point. This book will give you competence in the many different ways to manipulate wire and really show you what wire can do to create fabulous and very interesting wire jewelry. All in very simple ways using easy techniques. You also have several different techniques to choose from and the instructions and illustrations are excellent. It even has chain maille (putting jump rings together to create a woven look) in it. Because of the diversity of simple new techniques for you to choose from and try, this is definitely one of the best books available today. Seriously, this book can take your wire jewelry making to a whole new level and is well worth adding to your bookshelves.

If you get no other books on wire jewelry making, these three will hold you in good stead and provide you with tons of inspiration as well as guidance in your beginning wire jewelry endeavors. They can provide you with the skills necessary for confidence and drive and inspire you to your own originality and designs. They're just absolutely the best books for beginning wire jewelers that are around. So if you follow my advice, get ready to experience a rush of creative juices flowing!


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